Fashion “Smashion”

AFD is featured today on!


Smashion is a great little online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell your new or pre-loved fashion items! It not only has a great marketplace (all free!), but it has a wonderful online community and you can participate in it’s forum and talk about all things fashionable. Check out the full interview here:


  1. Great feature Cher!  What’s this M2 lotion you speak of?  Sounds like it’s something that could work for me too!

  2. Cher June 12, 2011

    Here it is! Also comes in 12% if your skin is more sensitive or not used to acids. It’s some pretty potent stuff. You can get 20% off this site with “MUA20”. But you can also purchase it from a Canadian site (to avoid duties), but I can’t remember what it’s called. If you don’t want to invest in a whole bottle just yet, I think you can still find some sample sizes to purchase on eBay. Or maybe I have some sample sizes lying around? If I find some I’ll them to you. =)


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