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Please excuse the hair. I’m about a month overdue for a haircut and my appointment with my stylist isn’t until Wednesday. =/

DSC09277_2 DSC09273_2
 Jacob Heart print blouse  / Talula Babaton by Aritzia Trousers / Banana Republic / Ann Taylor Perfect Pump

I thought this Jacob heart print bow blouse was just the cutest thing. The print adds a little something to the basic bow blouse. It has a slim cut, so petite ladies who have very small waists might find this a little less boxy than a lot of flowy blouses out in the stores right now.  BTW, good news for Canadians (who live in Canada), Jacob now offers online shopping! Woot. This makes my life a whole lot easier now that Jacob has closed quite a few of their stores lately. Now I don’t have to go on a hunt for a Jacob store whenever I go home, I can just shop whenever I want!

And as a bonus to this post, I shall show you my J.Crew Hacking Jacket in double-serge wool:

J.Crew Hacking Jacket J.Crew Hacking Jacket

I never intended to keep this, but the longer I have it in my possession, the more I want to hold on to it. It’s beautiful. The double-serge wool is amazing, along with the quality, details, and overall fit. The only problem I have with it is the bracelet-length sleeves:

J.Crew Double Serge Hacking Jacket

It hits right at my wrist bone. Being the obsessive nerd that I am, I studied all the stock photos on the J.Crew website where the models are wearing the jacket, and it seems that it really is supposed to be this bracelet-length. It looks great layered over a blouse or sweater, but on it’s own, it seems a little weird. If I keep this, I might consider letting out the sleeves at a later time. Other than this sleeve “problem”, this is well worth the $200 I paid for it (purchased during the 25% off sale), and I would certainly purchase another in a neutral color if I could when it goes on super sale. As much as I’d hate to, I may have to return this due to budget constrictions.


  1. Michelle October 28, 2011


     Why must you tease me with a Canadian brand! :p

  2. Keilexandra October 28, 2011

    According to the JCA blog, this jacket is on “secret sale” in stores right now.

  3. Cher October 28, 2011

    You freaked me out there for a second! LOL. The herringbone, which also comes in some beautiful colors, is on sale for $125. It’s much thinner than the double-serge wool which I prefer, but it’s a great price for those who prefer something on the lighter side. 

  4. Cee October 28, 2011

    Love everything about this outfit, the sash tie, jacket color, everything! I still need to figure out how to get high-waisted pants to look right on me 🙂

    I know you said the regular sized jacket has bracelet-length sleeves on the model too, but theoretically, it should be longer overall compared to petites, right? Perhaps give it a shot if you see it in stores.

  5. Cher October 28, 2011

    LOL. I don’t think these are intentionally supposed to be high-waisted pants, they just appear to be high-waisted because i’m so short-waisted. 😛 These trousers actually sit lower than my Theory pants which is part of the reason why I love them so much.

    Theoretically, I think you’re right, the sleeves should be longer on the Regular sized, but what I’m concerned about is the length of the body on the Reg jacket. The waist length fits me perfectly in the Petite, the Reg might be too long for my severely short-waist. I should give it a try and see though, but I’ve never seen 00 in stores and I think the 0 will be too big. I’ll have to order it online.

  6. Kileen October 29, 2011

    i really love this printed blouse on you and the j. crew jacket is great!  i think the sleeve length is good as long as you have a long-sleeve shirt on underneath so that it will show if the jacket sleeves ride up.  it’s too bad it’ll have to go back!

    cute & little   

  7. R.L. October 29, 2011

    Definitely wait for another sale.  If they do what they did last year, they’ll at least have a 30% off and maybe the jacket will also be on sale.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for with some of their coats!

  8. TOBeautyReviews October 29, 2011

    OMG I love everything about this outfit!!  I know did you see my tweet, I didn’t know jacob did online shopping now…so much better for me as I can never get my butt to a mall LOL! 

  9. Cher October 29, 2011

    Haha. Yea, I did see it. I think it happened very recently because I do check the Jacob website frequently (more than I’d like to admit :P). I noticed it about 3 weeks ago, or whenever I tweeted about it. I’m surprised they haven’t advertised this more especially since they have free shipping for purchases over $25 (I’m not sure if it’s some sort of promotion or if it’s a permanent thing). This is going to CHANGE MY LIFE. LOL.

  10. Cher October 29, 2011

    That’s what I’m thinking! But I’m concerned that it’s going to sell out by the time I get to order it again. It has already sold out in my size in the blue. And I’ve been waiting on a coat sale, and the coat that I wanted to buy sold out in my size already. It’s really strange to think that I’m a common size but apparently I am. I have to think about it some more.  I really want to keep it. 

  11. Amber October 29, 2011

    your legs look so long in these types of pants!! they always tend to make my butt look funny. the blouse is adorable, i’ve been looking for something similar for a while now. and the jacket!!! i dont know if these will really be going on sale anytime soon. they’re amazing tho.

  12. Polka Princess October 30, 2011

    Such a smart pair of trousers! And that heart print blouse is just too cute! <3

  13. Erin October 30, 2011

    I absolutely LOVE that blouse. I think the jacket looks good on you at that length actually, but that is a LOT to pay if you don’t absolutely love it. Maybe for a sale or try to pick it up from someone on eBay or something? 

  14. Stylepint November 1, 2011

    I love this classic outfit and the print of the blouse looks so fun! =)

  15. Aubrey Dang November 2, 2011

    eeeh hate bracelet length sleeves, but cher…i love this outfit.  these trousers fit you soooooooo well.  and the blouse is so feminine and i love that it’s L/S.  Very envious of your Jacob apparel. 


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