Review: MICHAEL by Michael Kors Flex Mid Pump

It’s been a while since you’ve seen reviews and some Fitting Room Finds. As a result of my Five-item Challenge, I’ve found that it has caused my spending to go waaaayy down. I’ve found that I have become *very* picky (and I have always been pretty selective with my purchases). I thought I was actually going to make it through the entire challenge on only four items, BUT…the tip of my LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pumps were basically scraped down to the leather after my trip to NYC so I needed to remove the old tip and put in a new one. After reading everywhere online about how “easy” it was to replace the tip on my own, I tried to do it myself.

Yea, no.

I ended up destroying the heel of one of my favorite pumps. 🙁 If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know how difficult it is for my to find pumps that don’t slip off my super narrow heels so I was not happy about what had happened.

After finally getting over my loss, I decided that I was going to try and replace the pumps, but not include it in my Challenge since it is actually going to be a replacement and not a “new” purchase. As a start to my hunt, I purchased a pair of LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amelie Pumps that are seemingly the exact same pair as my old LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya pumps but with a different name, and also these Michael Kors pumps:

DSC02353 DSC02354 DSC02355 DSC02356 DSC02359

My original pumps are about 3.75″ high, and these Flex Mid pumps are 3″ measured from the back of the heel to the ground. I didn’t realize that the heel was a bit shorter until I put them on, but they are much easier to walk in despite only half an inch difference in height. I could run in these if I had to (not a marathon, of course) and could probably commute to work on the Metro without too much trouble. They are by no means a “sexy” pointy-toe pump; they are pretty conservative–as in, I would not wear these out clubbing or a date night–but they still have some substantial height yet, they are still comfortable for walking around in the office all day. There is lots of padding in the inside and the upper is made of leather. One thing I’m not crazy about is the outer sole which is a combination of plastic and rubber with “MK” all over it:

But who is going to see it right?

And surprisingly,  these also don’t slip off my heels! Well, at least on my larger foot. My smaller foot requires a ball of foot bad and a heel grip, but that’s pretty typical for me.  They fit a bit narrow, so if you have a wider foot, you might feel like these pinch a bit.    Size-wise they are TTS. I took my regular size 6 and they fit perfectly after wearing them for few minutes to let them mold to my foot. If you are interested in these I would go with your regular pump size, unless you have wider foot, then you might want to consider going up half a size. They show just a bit of toe cleavage but I don’t have particularly long toes (they’re not short either). The leather is decent. It’s a little crinkley-looking as you can see in the photos above. I wish the leather was much smoother, but I think what you get is reasonable if you are able to find these marked down (regular price is $98). EDIT: I ended up returning these. After commuting in them they started to slip off my heels and were completely unwearable.

As I mentioned, what I had really intended was to replace my old heels so not to include it in my challenge, but these being a slightly different and still wanting to replace my original heels, I think I may have to keep these as an alternative for the office and make it my fifth item. I was hoping that my fifth item was going to be something more fun, but it’s a practical choice, so I think I’ll just have to suck it up. Being practical takes the fun out of things, doesn’t it?

Do you have any recommendations for a basic pointy-toe black pump (with not too long of a point) that you think I should try out? No price range as I’m still trying to decide if I want just a good basic pump around the $100-$150 range or to invest in something more expensive.


  1. Rites of Beauty Blogger March 24, 2012

    I have narrow heels too, and I recently picked up a pair of Calvin Klein pumps that stay on very well. They’re well made and around $120-150 CAD, though I’ve seen them on sale for half that. Nine West has good choices sometimes too, but I haven’t seen anything great in stores recently.

  2. Rakhshanda March 24, 2012

    Woww they are gorgeous <3 I love Black pumps!!!!!

  3. SS_littleflowers March 25, 2012

    Thanks for review. Those shoes look a little unique as black pumps, so ok, they are black pumps, but You can be happy and comfortable in them. These items are also needed. I have wide foot so I have no idea about narrow shoes… hope good luck on the hunt for them!

  4. Cher March 25, 2012

    NW always comes very close, but I have never met a pair that would actually stay on. Maybe I’m just not trying the right pairs. =/

  5. Cher March 25, 2012

    Really? You think they’re unique? In what way? I think they’re pretty basic looking except for the little silver “button” on the heel…at least, that’s what I was aiming for.

  6. SS_littleflowers March 25, 2012

    I agree they are basic shoes, but EXCEPT for the little silver button on the heel. I would think of that button as a little unique aspect for basic shoes. I like simple black shoes with a little something, which makes me happy so this is why I think your MK pumps a little unique.

  7. Guest March 25, 2012

    I have very narrow heels, narrow feet, and long toes.  It is so difficult to find pumps that fit the heel well.  Ferragamo pumps are cut with the heel one size narrower than the foot.  So, I wear a 6.5AA in Ferragamo, and the heels are 6.5AAA.  Recently, I discovered that Brooks Brothers classic pumps in a size 6B fit comfortably (3.25″ heel height), but that I might have to try a few pairs to find the narrowest heel.

  8. Cher March 25, 2012

    Oh interesting! I’ve never tried Ferragamo. I’ll put it on my list! Thanks! 🙂

  9. Lisa Ng April 3, 2012

    Sry can’t be of any help since I don’t wear heels ;). But I do like these b/c of the non slip bottom.

  10. Ellen Whanson February 25, 2017

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