Review: Jean-Michel Cazabat Saga Wedge Pumps

Some quick shoe reviews from my purchases from the Mother’s Day and F&F sale so anyone who wants to try the shoes that I reviewed for themselves can catch the sale. The last day for use of the code is tomorrow, May 17th (use code FRIENDS2, on orders of $100+).

I’ve had my eye on these Jean-Michel Cazabat Saga wedges for months. It has a short wedge, but with the pointed toe, it gives it more of a modern and edgy look. Perfect for the commute to work.



Check out the shoe inserts! Little hearts! So cute!!!

DSC03437DSC03439DSC034381 DSC03440

It also comes with a bright blue dust bag:

The first major thing I have to say about these shoes is: TOO BIG! A *full size* too big. and the smallest size it comes in is 6. =( [Found in a size 5 at Shopbop].

The rest of the breakdown:

Comfort: Lots of padding in the sole. No sharp edges. Seems like  it would have been very comfortable if they had fit. Also, very minimal toe cleavage (a bit blurry):


Heel Height: 2.5 inches, no platform.

Quality and construction: It has a leather sole. The construction seems sturdy, but I found a mark on the tip of the left shoe. I’m not sure if the patent was scraped off or if it’s residual sticky stuff from being touched by some sort of tape or sticker. If you order these, I would be sure to check the leather.

Price: Regular price, $235 at Endless, but if you catch the F&F and use ebates, you can get it for ~$163. If these had fit, I definitely would have kept them.

Colors:  On Endless you can find Black, Caramel, Desert (Lizard print), and Mauve. Nude can be found on Shopbop.

Verdict: Return due to the fact that they are way too big!

I’ll try to post one, maybe two more reviews tomorrow depending on what time the shoes arrive on my doorstep and how much studying I can get done tonight. Stay tuned!


  1. Love And Company May 16, 2012

    Nice review! Those shoes are so perfect for a work day. They look so comfy! 

  2. SandraKLevinson May 16, 2012

  3. Lisa Ng May 22, 2012

    And the hunt continues!!! I love Endless for free shipping & returns. No hassle!


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