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Just like the school kids, I’m back to work after unintentionally taking the entire summer off. The EOTDs will hopefully be more frequent even though I’ve already had a late start this week–it was a rough weekend. But the work aside, the office is a meat locker! It is too early to be wearing a trench coat in DC, but I am wearing one along with a scarf, gloves and a hat. I can tell you that freezing your employees is not conducive to high productivity. I just want to point that out to any employers who feel the need to blast the A/C so that the indoor temps are at like, 50 degrees fahrenheit (translation: 10C).

DSC04791_2 DSC04773 DSC04790 Club Monaco Emily Pants /  J.Crew Boy Shirt /  LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amelie Pumps Club Monaco Emma Trench Coat /  Olivia Harris Purse / Le Chateau Ring / Michael Kors Runway Watch 

These pants are my latest Club Monaco purchase. They were costly at a regular price of $169.50. At the time, I found the price tag to be pretty hard to swallow especially since they were non-suiting pants, but I now I LOVE them and have no regrets (I also felt like I was deserving of a splurge since I had just found out I passed my bar exams).  It’s one of those items I would actually buy a back-up for if they die.  They are made from Japanese twill and have a bit of stretch. The fit? Amazing. The price accounts for the fancy, smooth twill, and also the leather trim on the pockets which i’m sure is going to cost me a pretty penny when I have to clean them, but I will worry about that later. These pants are an excellent replacement of my GAP Really Skinny pants. I really love the way the GAP’s pants look on the leg, but I’m not a fan of the material at all (BTW, if you are wondering, if you dry the Really Skinny pants enough times in the dryer, they stop stretching out as much). These pants also have besom rear pockets as well as front zip pockets. The GAP skinnies do not. The material has a very subtle sheen to it which gives them a dressier look than the GAP’s version, which have been mistaken for jeans in the office by a few co-workers in the past. Wrinkles? They are cotton, so there are wrinkles in all in the typical places like the  back of the knees, but actually not too bad.

These pants actually run very small, particularly in the legs. I am wearing them in a size 0. The smallest size CM  carries is 00. If you are extra petite and are looking to invest in a good pair of pants, Club Monaco pants are definitely worth a try. The suiting trousers do run a touch big if you are somewhat lacking in the booty department like I am, but most their other denim and twill pants seems to run much smaller lately. Check out the Emily pants here! Remember, if you have a valid student card you get 20% off (online too)!


  1. Ping September 13, 2012

    those pants look amazing on you!!! quite pricey, but im sure you’ll get so much wear out of it. btw i am surprised that shirt is from the boys dpt. for a second, i thought it was from AT.

  2. Cher September 14, 2012

    Haha. It’s not from the boy’s dept, it’s just called “boy shirt” in the J.Crew catalogue. 😉 I usually find clothes from the kid’s dept too short for my arms and legs.

  3. Phoebe September 14, 2012

    Fab pants on you Cher and what a chic outfit!. I absolutely adore club monaco pants…and the Japanese Twill holds its shape like no other. 🙂

  4. Joanna September 14, 2012

    Love the leather trim! That little detail would’ve definitely sold me.

  5. Ping September 14, 2012

    LOL! that is good to hear because that shirt is quite girly and totally does not belong in the boy’s dpt!

  6. Elissa September 14, 2012

    my office is freezing too. we all keep these little space heaters on our desk from sharper image!

  7. Cher September 14, 2012

    Yes! I love the Japanese Twill! I tempted to get the new skirts as well…but I don’t think my bank account can handle it! =/

  8. Cher September 14, 2012

    LOL. I don’t think my supervisor would be a fan of that idea, but I should consider it. The A/C is totally out of hand. I’m the only one outside in 85 degree weather with a trench coat and scarf because I can’t warm up!

  9. Polina September 18, 2012

    very nice blog!
    I saw some amazing photos! very good job, keep it on!!

    xoxo P.P.

  10. lisacng September 26, 2012

    Love the entire outfit. The print top is cool. And great investment pants!


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