Review: Cosabella Never Say Never

These days, mostly all of my undergarments are purchased with only functionality in mind. Which basically means black and nude no-show bras and underwear. Boring, I know. Cosabella sent me this lovely bra and panty set from their most recent collection to try out. I do already own two sets of Cosabella lingerie from years and years ago. I fell in love the colors and the softness and they were just so pretty. Sadly, I didn’t get too much wear out of them, as they didn’t quite fit my petite frame all that well, especially back then when I weighed a bit less than I do now.

For a little background on Cosabella, the company was founded in 1983 by Ugo and Valeria Campello. Their design headquarters is in Miami, Florida, but all their pieces are manufactured in Italy. When Cosabella contacted me allowing me to the pieces I wanted, I was a little bit hesitant. Many of the items did not come in XS/P, which according to the sizing chart, would have been my size. I hoped that this just meant the sizing ran a bit small. I chose these two beautiful pieces:

Sorry, there are no IRL modeling photos, I am many things, but lingerie model is not one of them. 😉 But here are a few photos of the Never Say Never Hottie Lowrider Hotpants and matching Sweetie Soft Bra in Rouge:

DSC07678 DSC07681 DSC07677 DSC07674

The pieces are very pretty and soft. They also contain a good amount of stretch. If you own any Hanky Panky underwear, the material is very similar. I do have to say though, that the Cosabella hotpants in size Small fit smaller than the Hanky Panky which only comes in one size.

When I put them on, the pieces actually did fit extremely well.  I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone smaller than myself or they will be too loose. but the soft bra did at least have adjustable straps. Because the Soft Bra is not lined or padded or have any wire, there isn’t much support and it doesn’t give a lot shape which I find is necessary for the small-busted such as myself. But of course, if you are just going for the pretty factor and just needed for those easy days when good structured undergarments aren’t necessary, then these are wonderful and they come in so many beautiful colors. Keep in mind, Cosabella does offer other bra styles with underwire and push-up padding, but unfortunately those particular bras only go down to 32A, which actually is new because they only used to go down to 32B. Hopefully in the future they might consider making the wired bras even smaller that cater to those of us with smaller frames. As for quality, these pieces appear to be made very well with (being made in Italy likely a factor) and will hold up if well cared for.

A few of my own suggestions from the new collection include the Dolce Soft Bra, which does come in Petite (28-30A), so pretty:

Never Say Never Prettie Underwire Bra:

Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider Thong:

They also have camis, slips, robes, swimwear, and other apparel that are worth checking out. See the Cosabella collection in their new spring colors here!

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