It’s not exactly spring weather yet, but I couldn’t help but post a spring-ish outfit (although, easily winter-ized by adding tights):

This mini-grid patterned blouse from Ann Taylor is, I think, my first purchase from the brand in a while. The print is extremely versatile, but beware, it is not black and white, but actually a very dark ink blue. You probably would not be able to tell unless looking at it very closely, but it is worth noting. It is made of polyester as opposed to silk, but it actually feels rather nice. Take your regular AT size. Ann Taylor is having a 40% off family and friends sale now with code TRENDS40, pick up this blouse here!


  1. Jenny Chhoeun March 24, 2014

    I absolutely adore the look for a crisp white skirt… but I’m so ditzy I always dirty them somehow. You look gorgeous!!


  2. Cher March 24, 2014

    Don’t be fooled, Jenny! This skirt gets so dirty even just after one wear! Haha. I am always touching my face so make up gets all over this. I def. recommend to other ladies who want a white skirt to get one that will hold up to plenty of cleaning!

  3. WE March 25, 2014

    Beautiful clean outfit! The patterns on the blouse and the crisp clean white skirt are such a beautiful addition to each other! Love this outfit..


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