Favorite: Gabriela Artigas Infinite Tusk Earrings

I rarely change my earrings. If I find something I love, it stays in there until a special event or until something inspires me to change it–this could literally mean months or even years.Gabriela Artigas Infinite Tusk Earrings
When I came across these Gabriela Artigas¬†Infinite Tusk earrings, I was completely fascinated by their uniqueness. I loved the simplicity–they are delicate but still a little edgy. When Shopbop‘s F&F rolled around a few weeks back, I decided to give them a try, and they haven’t left my ears since!

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  1. Elizabeth Seeds November 9, 2014

    Love those earrings! Very unique!

  2. Duff December 3, 2014

    So… are these uncomfortable or painful to put in? That’s my only hesitation on pulling the trigger on these.

  3. Cher December 3, 2014

    I think it depends on how stretched out your piercing is. My left one was fine, my right lobe was a little tight so I had to force it a bit. It hurt for a day afterwards, but now it’s perfectly OK.

  4. Duff December 3, 2014

    Thanks. I’m leaning towards the infinite tusk studs over the hoop style like yours, which look a little smaller either way. I guess I’ll just have to roll the dice on this one. Thanks again!


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