Review: Vince Bogart Flats

I have become a fan of Vince shoes ever since I purchased the Vince Blair 5 sneakers. The aesthetic suits my style perfectly and they fit my feet quite well. One complaint I do have, however, is the inconsistent sizing. But once I can find my size, they are [usually] a dream.

Vince Bogart Flats, $225 via Nordstrom

Vince Bogart Flats, $225 via Nordstrom

When I first saw these Vince Bogart flats, I wasn’t really digging them. They seemed like a way overpriced pair of house slippers. But as I kept seeing them online, they started to grow on me and the good reviews that it has had me intrigued, so I decided to give them a try. I decided that if they were comfortable, they could potentially be a really great casual shoe, and one I could use on my daily commute.

I went ahead and purchased the snakeskin/python pair since it can be a fun and somewhat toned down alternative of the popular leopard print and I don’t yet own a pair.





Look: I pulled them out of the box and I thought they were just beautiful. They have a pretty round toe, but not so round that I felt like a little girl. It is just the right mix of slipper/loafer.

Quality/Comfort: The leather is soft and the sole flexible. There is a good amount of padding in the footbed, I definitely don’t feel like I’m walking barefoot which can be true of other flats or slipper-like shoes, but they are definitely not comfort shoes like Clarks or Ecco. I read in one review where the buyer thought the edges were “sharp”. I don’t really find this at all. The leather is very  pliable. I may have felt a bit of “sharpness” in the inner part of my left foot, but I rubbed the edge of the leather with my finger for a minute and it softened right up. I also did not feel like the shoe hit the underside of my ankle bone which can be a problem for me with some shoes and can cause extreme cutting and blistering. They are just the right height.

Fit: TTS. There is a slight gap for my narrow-ish feet, but nothing to complain about. For my smaller right foot, I would put a heel grip under the toeline (the front lip of the shoe) to help fill the gap. And if necessary, also at the heel to help slippage which is what I have done with my many of my other shoes.


Price: $225, at Nordstrom or $168 at Shopbop with code SPRING25, good through tomorrow, April 9th!

Verdict: Totally worth keeping…at the right price. Purchase is very hard to swallow at full price, but if you find these on sale, I think they are worth the splurge if you plan on wearing them regularly. They work well casually, you may also be able to get away with these at the office depending on how formal and conservative the workplace. Perfect for the commute though!

They also come in black eel skin leather, dark green eel leather and graphite (which, as far as I can tell, has sold out).

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