The Perfect Dupe: J.Crew Regent Blazer in Bohemian Red

I know many of you lust after my bright coral blazer that I’ve shown a few times on this blog (see here). I know this because a few of my readers have inquired about whether I was willing to sell it! Though, I do not wear it that often, I  am not willing to part with it just yet. But great news, J.Crew has once again come out with a blazer in what appears to be the exact same color only in the Regent cut, which happens to be my favorite at the moment.

J.Crew Regent Blazer in Bohemian Red

I love the turned up lapel and the slightly longer sleeves. The Regent is also not as thick as my Double-Serge Wool Blazer, which makes it easier to wear year-round. A note on fit, it’s pretty TTS, though some may find the sleeves a bit too tight. The 0P fits me spot on. So much so, I am considering going up a size for my next purchase of this style (and there certainly will be!) just so I can wear some thicker layers underneath.

This upcoming season, the Regent also comes with a contrast satin lapel. swoon  I’m going to have to make some tough decisions this fall!


  1. Taradonna August 30, 2015

    Hi, I discovered your blog because I did a search for images of the J.Crew Bohemian Red Regent blazer. I am deciding between the new Rhodes in bright cerise or that one. I’m leaning towards the Rhodes after realizing it has navy under the collar when the collar is popped. I want to wear it like you did with a Chambray shirt under it (I have the keeper in a dark wash and a light Chambray from LLbean signature) and also with a nautical fitted ivory base with navy stripe. J.Crew has an image on their website of the Rhodes in bright cerise with the striped shirt pairing. You can look up the shirt i got on Boden, it’s the Essential crewneck tee. I was entertaining the Painter stripe from J.Crew but it’s all cotton and I want a little stretch. A bonus is that Boden’s is on sale for $23.80 right now.

    I am J.Crew obsessed and am eager to talk about clothing ideas with another J.Crew fan.

  2. rsmukkar February 17, 2016

    Hi Cher,

    JCrew has a sale on this blazer right now, and I’ve had my eye on it for a while.

    But the reviews are making me nervous to buy online as they say you should size up. I’m about 5 ft 2 and 95 lbs, and normally buy 000P in JCrew Blazer. Do you think I should stick with my regular size?

    Many thanks,


    • Cher February 17, 2016

      Hi Raman, sizing questions can be tough because we all have different body types and body shapes. For the Regent, it tends to run small in the arms. If you have athletic or wide shoulders or back or carry your weight in your arms or upper back, then I would suggest sizing up. If you are narrow shouldered, then taking your normal size will probably be fine. I have athletic shoulder but really lean arms and find this jacket fits absolutely perfectly in my regular size (0P), but I cannot wear thick layers underneath. HTH!

  3. Taradonna February 17, 2016

    Hi Raman, I don’t have that style Regent, I ended up going with the Rhodes in Cerise in the end. But I can weigh in as far as what size regent I wear and my measurements. Last year I bought size Petite 0 for my regents and it worked out well. This year they changed the measurements and the size P0 is too big so instead I get Petite 00. I bought both sizes in the regent and the Rhodes to compare and found the petite 00 is best for me in both those styles. The Rhodes is a new style so I can’t compare it but the regent got much bigger in the waist compared to last year’s. My weight fluctuates between 101-105 5″, small shoulders, long arms, busty, don’t carry weight in my stomach, when I gain weight it’s in the thigh/tush area. The petite 0 was significantly wider in the waist, but the arms and shoulders were very similar to the petite 00, the main difference was the width of the waist. It was inches too big, not just a little. I don’t know if that helps.


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