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It’s already that time of year again. Being in isolation, the days just seem to be blurring together and I’m wondering where the days are going, but the Sephora Spring Sale is happening again (use the code SPRINGSAVE). It’s not like many of us are wearing much make up these days, but I am still trying to be kind to my skin. I thought I may as well keep with the tradition and share with you what I’m using and what I’m planning on trying.

I ran out of my usual anti-aging serums a few weeks ago, and since re-purchasing isn’t the most practical at the moment (I usually have it imported by family members on a regular basis), I thought I would try out some stuff from The Ordinary, which have great reviews, contain the same basic ingredients as my usual products, and are really inexpensive. I can’t attest to the long term efficacy of the products, since you generally need to use them for at least a month to show any improvement, but I’ve certainly haven’t seen any negative effects, and I’m still enjoying them thus far. The products I use from the line are more or less for anti-aging purposes only (I’m a big fan of copper peptides). I look to other products for my other skin issues.

Check out The Ordinary website to learn more about each product how to use them in conjunction with each other. I use all of the above in the morning (Agirilene Solution 10%, on specific areas, and then Buffet + Copper Peptides 1% and Matrixyl + HA 10% mixed together) except for the Pcycnogenol 5%, which I use in the PM since it shouldn’t be used at the same time as peptides. As somewhat of a footnote, I haven’t tried the Mandelic Acid 10% + HA from The Ordinary, however, if you suffer from acne, I highly, highly recommend adding Mandelic Acid to your skincare regime. It can really do amazing things for clearing up the skin and keeping it clear. I suggest it to all my friends (who ask) that deal with acne, and they just love it.

I’m not going to go into detail into the products, but if you are interested in my personal experiences with any of them, please drop me a note!

Skincare tried and true:

Make-up tried and true:

Products I ordered and can’t wait to try:

As an honorable mention, my favorite skincare tool these days is this PMD Microdermabrasion PRO. I’ve been using this thing on and off for 7+ years. There was a time where I actually kind of forgot about it, but I really have no idea why because it is just amazing. My skin glows for a week. I’m a huge proponent for exfoliation (and sunblock!), and this is just one of the best at-home devices out there for physical exfoliation. Definitely experiment with the right discs (they have ultra sensitive to very coarse), especially if you have sensitive skin or have never been big on exfoliation in the past. Go easy to start, and you won’t regret it!

If you have any Sephora items you just absolutely love, please let me know!

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