Two of Three

I know some of you have been waiting for sweater reveal #2, so here it is styled with a suit:

DSC01392_2 DSC01391_2 DSC01378
 Talula Babaton by Aritzia  / C by Bloomingdale’s Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater / J.Crew Skinny Leather Belt / Forever21 Ring /   LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pump / Michael Kors Runway 

This C by Bloomingdale’s Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater is two of three of the season. I initially bought this during the Bloomingdales F&F sale (I later returned and re-purchased for a lower price). I wasn’t going to keep it, but when I pulled it out of the package it was so soft and cozy, I changed my mind. It’s a little bit big in XS, but not in a bad way. I can’t wait to wear it through the end winter.

And because we don’t all have to wear suits to work, here is the outfit without a jacket:


Or you can change out the jacket for something a bit more casual (and bright!):

DSC01438_2 DSC01419_2 DSC01416_2J.Crew Hacking Jacket in Double-Serge Wool 

Review: J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton

Sometimes I purchase things online just for the sake of making the minimum purchase amount for free shipping without the intention of keeping that extra item (I’m not the only one who does that, right?). I do my best to try to pick something that I’m sure that I won’t keep, but sometimes I will order something still peaks my interest even though I have every intention of returning it. In this case, it was the J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton. I read that this skirt ran larger than the Double-Serge Wool, and since the Double-Serge Wool skirt is just a touch too wide for me in hips, I was sure it was going to go back. I did however, wanted to “play” with it, especially after seeing how unique the color was in store. It completely caught me (and my bank account) off guard when it actually fit! I guess this season’s version was re-sized to fit smaller.  I was doing so well with the no-buy thing this month until J.Crew started having 30% off sales. J.Crew has had my number in recent weeks. I’ve also been so impressed with their customer service lately as well. It shipped same day with free 2-day shipping (without me even asking for it!), which for me, means that it arrived the very next day. Wow.

DSC00414_2 DSC00413_2


It appears to be really well-made. The cotton is very thick, and the construction is sturdy. It fits well in the waist and hips as well–better than my double serge wool skirt from last year (I’m wearing it in 00P above). It has two besom (welt) pockets in the back, but no side pockets. It also has no lining, but the cotton is so thick that it doesn’t need it. And the color? YUUMMM . If I had any complaints it would be that it is a bit too short, but it seems that I have that complaint about all petite bottoms. I considered taking down the hem myself, but upon inspecting it closely, the hem is sewn so tight that it is definitely going to be a pain to let down myself. I don’t think I can return this skirt because I’m so in love with it already, but I did re-order it in a 00R hoping that it somehow fits the same as the 00P just with a little extra length. I also noticed today that there are new colors on the website including an amazing jade green:

Definitely on my spring wish list.

What do you ladies think of the skirt in citron?

P.S. Possibly no posts until a few weeks into the new year. Don’t be alarmed if I’m a little quiet for the next little while!

UPDATE: Comparison of the 00P and the 00R:


The 00R is just a few inches wider than the 00P.  There is quite a bit of extra length which I love, but not enough to ignore the fact that the 00P fits almost perfectly around the hip and waist. I’ll be sticking with the 00P.

Dots and Plaid and lots of Brown

This post went up ever so briefly by accident a few weeks ago.  Sometimes I create posts but end up never posting them for whatever reason, but usually that the photos didn’t turn out so well or that I wasn’t happy with the outfit or that I just never get around to finishing it. In this case, it was the first two excuses, but since I may not have a post in the next little while, here ya go!

I’m pretty handicapped when it comes to mixing prints and patterns. I don’t have that many in my closet and when I do have them, I’m boring and just match them with solid colors. Some people manage to do it really well but I, on the other hand, look like I got dressed in the dark. We gave it a good college try today, however, I cheated a bit and added a solid brown sweater over top so the dots were just an accent. Doing it in small doses is really the safest way of mixing patterns and prints and keeps it looking professional at the office.

DSC09711_2 DSC09714_2 DSC09718_2Forever21 Trousers /  Ann Taylor Silk Polka Dot blouse / Jacob /Botkier Charlotte / Coach Letty Wedge Boots 

Much better! But I’m wearing a heck of a lot of brown. My three sweater limit this season is killing me! Oh how I’d love to buy a bright colored sweater to wear with this outfit. =(
I really like these plaid printed pants, but I really wish the material was heavier to give it more structure. They’re Forever21, so I can’t expect much. I’m thinking about adding a fusible interfacing in the inside so they would drape better, but I’m unsure of what would result.