Closet Craving: Theory Varlene Jacket

So I’m a little behind on my posts. I actually went on vacation a few weeks ago and of course, due to the change in temperature, my immune system decided to go on strike and it allow unwanted viruses into my body. I’m not horribly ill, but I’m definitely not 100%. So between the vacation and feeling a bit under the weather, I am lacking posts.

However, having been working from home the last day and a half and therefore having more time to surf the interwebs, I have a found something today that caught my eye. I’ve been looking for a double-breasted jacket for some time now, but as a petite, they tend to be too overwhelming. When I saw this Theory Varlene jacket, my interest was immediately peaked.

Theory Varlene Jacket in Edition, $395

It’s slightly cropped style may lend itself to petite frames. It does not have a lapel, however. I haven’t decided if that bothers me or not, but I’m definitely willing to find out! Find it here on

Bucket bag

I’ve had a bucket bag on my wish list the last few seasons. I’m not sure who or what inspired me, but I suddenly felt like it was one of those items, while not a necessity, would be a great addition to my small handbag collection. My top pick, of course, is the 3.1 Phillip Lim Diego Bucket bag with its thick, luscious leather with studs to boot. The hardware gives what may at times lend itself to a bohemian-style bag, some edge. However, at $895, it likely isn’t within my reach in the near future. Plus, I’ve heard many things about how heavy it is due to the leather and the hardware. I generally don’t do well with heavy cross-body bags, so this fact made me wary.

After searching high and low, I think I’ve found a great alternative, the Madewell Lafayette Bucket Bag, for a much more reasonable price of $198. It is has yet to come into my possession, but as soon as it does, you will definitely hear about it. 😉

Here are some other options I had my eye on: