Happy 2016!

Happy New Year, Friends!

I took a short hiatus over the holidays, as you may or may have not noticed. The holidays were busy, but I thought it’d be a good time to take a break and reflect on what I did with the blog, and well, life in general over the past year.

Happy New Year


For the blog, 2015 was a year of new beginnings. If you have followed me since way back when, you of course noticed the re-branding along with the new website. It was one of my great achievements of the year, because, wow…it was a lot of work. But it was also long overdue. The re-branding was something that I had wanted to for a long time and really just never had the time, nor the courage to do it.

I won’t deny that I lost quite a bit of readership on the transition, but this blog has never been about how many followers I had. And while its nice to validated and followed and that stuff, you come to realize along the way, happiness comes from within and it’s not about how many people that you impress. Whatever my status is among the blogosphere, I’m still incredibly thrilled with what I did with the blog, and everything just seems so new and fresh and I hope for it to continue forever and ever!

Furthermore, while I have never been big on “New Year’s Resolutions”–I think we should live every moment with resolve, whether that be to relax more, be more mindful of our interactions with others, etc.–it’s a great idea to always have goals. And maybe the new year is a good time to sit down and reflect about the things that I did or didn’t do last year and what I’d like to change. For the blog, I would like to try and post more often. I was pretty steady with 1-2 posts a week, and I’m very happy about that since in the past, even posting once a week was such a struggle. I hope to increase that to 2-3 times a week by mid-year. It will require more planning and more time invested on my part, but I think we can get there!

On a more personal level, 2015 started out tough. By the end of beginning of February I once again found myself unemployed, which given my track record, seems to be an unwelcome reoccurrence (when it comes to my career, I seriously have no luck whatsoever). Although it led to the re-branding of this blog, on both a professional level and a personal level, it was a struggle. While I had meant to find something new for 2015, I had intended that it would be on my own terms! In the end it worked out for the better, and for that, I am grateful.

So for the 2016, I have a few things on my mind:

(1) More traveling! All those years in school, I missed out on a lot of traveling and seeing the world like so many of friends. So I would like to make up for it!

(2) More exercise, more specifically, boxing! Since I moved back to Toronto, I’ve been trying to find something new to hold my attention, I think this is it! Even got myself some new boxing gloves!

(3) And of course, to keep this all fashion-related, to continue experimenting with different shapes and textures in my wardrobe, while continuing to make “wise” decisions with my purchases! Buy less, choose well!

Thanks so much to all of you for a great year of 2015 for DAB (formally AFD), and I wish for all of you to have a great 2016!


Wise Words

A lot going on in my head lately. None of which are unrelated to this blog, unfortunately. Mostly, it just goes something like this:

Wise words

Hoping to get some real posts up soon!


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