Like A Jumpsuit

It’s like a jumpsuit, but not.

One of the things that has always turned me off about one-piece jumpsuits , is the restroom issue. I really have no desire to strip down in a public stall just to my business. On the other hand, they can be very chic and makes for easy dressing…if you can find the right fit. And as a petite, this is especially challenging.

I was shopping my closet the last few days and saw that I had purchased this blouse from H&M years and years ago, but it has rarely been worn (also true of 98% of what I buy from H&M, which is why I have stopped shopping there). Paired it with these Theory bottoms…et voila!

H&M Sheer Cross-Over Blouse(old) / Theory Louise Pants(here or here) / LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Adena Pumps / Aldo Clutch / Forever21 Rings and Bracelet / Banana Republic Factory Belt

Winter Favorites

An outfit wearing my favorite things as of late and a briefcomment about this Equipment Cashmere sweater. I am always apprehensive about buying expensive cashmere. Cashmere isn’t what it used to be, and you could be shelling out a lot of $$ for not so great cashmere. I have read tons of reviews on Equipment cashmere, but I wasn’t totally convinced about the quality. I found this particular Sloane crewneck sweater at Nordstrom’s for approximately $100, which I didn’t think was too bad if the quality wasn’t all there. Overall, it is soft, and the fit is a bit oversized on my petite frame, but I am finding that it pills…even before it has been washed. It’s not horrible pilling, but pilling nonetheless. I am happy I didn’t pay full price for it, but I continue the hunt for a great quality cashmere sweater. On the other hand, I love the color contrast between this merlot-colored sweater and the camel blazer!

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