Back from an unintentional hiatus. Away on business and crazy busy at work the last few weeks. Honestly, when I get home at 9:30pm, there isn’t much I want to do other than go to sleep, only to have it happen all over again the next day.

The Victoria Day long weekend has finally arrived and I was super excited to finally have a weekend to myself, only to realize that I will have to put in some hours tomorrow. *sigh* I’m headed up to my uncle’s place on the lake. It was a little too cool for some water sports, so ended up wearing just jeans and a tee, appropriate for an afternoon BBQ on the lake with fam.

I hope all my Canadian readers enjoy the long weekend!

Warby Parker: Palm Canyon Collection

I love sunglasses. And you’d never know it, but I do also wear eyeglasses. Once in a blue moon, I will venture out of the house in them but it’s not a regular occurrence. Despite this, I spend an inordinate amount of time choosing just the right pair that makes me happy. My preference? Thick, plastic rimmed glasses. There’s something so geeky, yet oh so cool about them. You can imagine my delight when Warby Parker asked me to be a part of spreading the word about the release of their new limited edition Palm Canyon Collection.

Warby Parker makes eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women. For this special collection, they have refreshed some of their best-loved frames—Winston, Duckworth, Preston and Wheeler in a Palm Springs palette of mesquite, acacia, ironwood and sand. Designing and constructing the patterns required a technique that took over a year to perfect, and each pair is distinguished with a unique contrast detail created by melding sheets of woodwork-inspired acetate and tortoise acetate together. No two pairs are alike. The price? A very reasonable $145 for each frame.



My favorites of the collection, the Winston:



WP has a great home try-on policy. Pick out five pairs of frames and for five days, you can wear them and test them out. Purchase your favorite pair and they will send it to you right away. Pack up your “try-ons” and ship them back. The best part? It’s free! Both ways! Available to those both in U.S. and Canada.

One of the things I love about Warby Parker is that they give back to those in need. For every pair of glasses you buy from Warby Parker, they provide a pair for someone in need. Last year, they hit an amazing milestone of 500,000 glasses distributed. For this special collection, they will continue to distribute a pair for every pair of glasses sold. Not only do you get a great pair of glasses, but you help Warby Parker with their philanthropic endeavors. How awesome is that?

Take a closer look at the collection and their other great sunglasses and eyeglasses at Warby Parker.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was provided.