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 Sweater: J.Crew Tippi Sweater (Brilliant yellow, size XXS).
Belt: GAP Double-wrap studded leather belt (Black, size S/M).
Trousers: Club Monaco Ursula Trousers (Navy, size 0).
Ring: Aldo.

I’m in love with this Zara bag. I was dreaming up outfits with it even before it reached my doorstep. Looking at the measurements, I knew it was going to be big, possibly even too big, but I was in denial and ordered it anyway.

It’s huge. *HUGE*. I love big bags, but this thing is a monster. It is borderline luggage-sized…at least on petite little me. It measures 20.4×16.2×9 inches. I could probably get away with it as a work tote, but casually? It’s pretty ridiculous. After hours of trying convince myself that the size was OK, I came to my senses and set it back in the box for return. The Zara Mini-Shopper is probably a better size, but I would really like it in black. So now I’m on the hunt for a large black leather shopper tote with a little edge…unless someone can get me excited and tell me that the Mini-shopper also comes in black.

In case you’re wondering, it does have a removable zippered pouch inside.


Have you ever kept something you loved so much and only later realize (too late) that you were just in denial about its bad fit or size?

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