Review: Hunter Fleece Socks

Admittedly, after being so excited to buy and wear my Hunter Wellington Boots over a year ago, I don’t really wear them that often. Aside from the fact that D.C. has relatively dry weather, these boots are quite cumbersome on my small frame. They’re big and on the heavy side, and because my calves are very lean, I constantly have this slapping noise as I walk. I also find them quite difficult to drive in, which wasn’t a big problem when I lived in D.C. because I rarely drove anywhere, but now that I’m home, it’s something that I have to consider now that I find myself in the driver’s seat almost everyday.

These Hunter Welly socks were on sale so I decided to finally snag myself a pair. It was definitely a smart investment on my part. They fit perfectly over the rim of the boot. At a regular price of $30, I understand the hesitance on buying these (although you can find a similar pair by Betsey Johnson here, but I can’t attest to how well they fit on the tall Hunter Wellies). I can say, however, that if I had known what a difference these would have made, I probably would have purchased them earlier at it’s full price. What makes it worth it? Weighing the pros vs. cons:



  • Warmer feet. Sure Wellies will keep your feet dry in rain, snow, and slush. But the cold? Not so much. But the fleece socks certainly keep my toes toasty during those cold winter days.
  • Boots look more snug against my lean calves–there wasn’t a ton of gapping between the boot and my leg before, but they look better with socks.
  • Related to the point above, no more slapping sounds when I walk! Bonus!! Now I can walk down a hallway without anyone knowing a minute ahead of time that I’m coming.
  • Also relating to the fit–boots don’t feel as clunky. I find them much easier to walk and drive in, which means that I will once again look forward to wearing these boots without having to worry about how difficult they are to wear while performing daily activities.
Despite these pros, there are a few cons and to be fair, I should mention them. Besides the $30 price tag:
  • Uncomfortable. There are seams around the inside of the sock, and because my feet are on the narrow side, they tend to bunch up in the boot and I can feel the rubbing seams as I walk. As a result, I have to wear thick socks inside these fleece socks. After a few steps, they seem to adjust and don’t bother me, but this is something you should be aware of, especially if you have narrow-ish feet like I do.
  • Not really a con yet because I’m not sure if this is the case, but because these socks are fleece (i.e., polyester), they do have the potential to smell with sweaty feet. That’s not to say that you can’t wash these socks because you certainly should. But just be aware that if you pull off the boots and you smell something a bit funky,  its’ probably your socks. :/
  • Lastly, the socks make it a bit more difficult to pull off this boot.  Not really a huge deal and probably not enough to give it a full negative point against them, but it just takes a bit more effort to remove the boots than without having the fleece socks at all.
If anyone has been considering purchasing a pair of Hunter Fleece Welly Socks, I definitely recommend them! They come in two sizes: M (size 5-7) and L (8-10). They come in a multitude of colors and you can also get a short version, which I will be getting to go with my Burberry Mid Buckle Rain Boots.

One winter white skirt, five ways

I love the idea of a winter white skirt. Practically speaking? Not so much. For one, I can’t keep anything white clean (remember my white pant disaster?). Second,  I’m not a fan of tights with a winter white skirt.

This J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge wool is really a fall/winter fabric making it not as versatile as a skirt that is made of ponte or a lighter weight wool. Fall and winter means skirts must be worn with tights more often than not and there is no way around it (at least where I live). I’m on the fence about keeping this, but here are a few outfit ideas that I came up with using pieces I currently have in my closet in trying to decide whether I should either keep or return it.

With chambray:

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways
 J.Crew Keeper Chambray / J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool Michael Kors Runway Watch / Ann Taylor Factory Signature Pumps (similar here) /  Le Chateau Ring / Stein Blye Necklace

With color:

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five waysSmart Set Turtleneck (Dark Green, size XS)(similar here in cashmere from Bloomies) / Ann Taylor LOFT / Marc Fisher Kevins Boots  / J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool Michael Kors Runway Watch / Le Chateau Ring

 Like a lady:

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amelie Pumps / Botkier Charlotte Clutch(similar here) / Forever21 Bracelet / Banana Republic Horsebit Link Necklace / Banana Republic Factory Sweater / J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool 

Printed blouse and blazer (bad hair moment):

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways J.Crew Silk Boy Shirt Falke Pure Matte Semi Opaque Denier 50 /  Calvin Klein Dina Nappa / Olivia Harris / Talula Babiton by Aritzia / J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool 

 Boxy sweater (sorry about the wrinkles, I found it under a pile of clothes):

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways

I’m obviously not having a hard time coming up with outfits. I think I’m just having buyer’s remorse over all the stuff I’ve purchased the last two months, and I still need to buy a suit (or two) for the new job I’m starting in the new year. I’m trying to figure out what, if anything, I can return and not regret later; however, the more outfits ideas I come up with for this skirt, the more I fall in love with it.

See Elle from FastFoodandFastFashion with her many “one item, five ways” posts here!


DRESSED ACCORDINGLY // One winter skirt, five ways

  Do you have any favorite ways to wear a winter white skirt?

Very subtly yours

I decided to be a little cheezy for Single’s Awareness Day/Valentine’s Day by wearing my heart print blouse. But to not make it so obvious, I threw on my blue cardigan over top. LOL. I wonder if anyone noticed the heart pattern?

DSC01966_2 DSC01959_2
LOFT cardigan / Jacob Heart-print tie-neck blouse / GAP Really Skinny Pants / Marc Fisher Kevins Boot / Michael Kors Runway Watch / Aldo Ring
I almost didn’t post this outfit. Things are kind of crazy right now; there are a lot of things happening at once career-wise and I’m trying to sort it out as much as I can without stressing, but I’m feeling the pressure–all of which I have placed on myself, of course. I feel like things are finally starting move, but hopefully it’s just not another tease because I felt like this about the same time last year and that didn’t work out so well. =/ I’m crossing my fingers that this will have an opposite outcome. However, as a result of all this craziness, blog outfits might be a bit more infrequent the next few weeks.

On a more positive note, I have a few upcoming blog-related surprises for all of you, so stay tuned! Plus, I’m going to be making my first trip to NYC next week! Any suggestions on places to check out??