It’s probably obvious by now that color doesn’t make up a huge part of my fall and winter wardrobe. But every now and then I feel prompted to liven it up with a little something. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

J.Crew Hacking Jacket in Double Serge Wool (Coral)(similar) / J.Crew Heart print blouse / Club Monaco Rachel Pant /  Loeffler Randall Matilde Boots / 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel /  Michael Kors Runway MK5076 Watch /  Forever21 Rings

You may remember a while back when I purchased this J.Crew Hacking Jacket in Double Serge Wool. I can’t deny that it’s absolutely beautiful, but given my propensity to wear dark colors when the seasons change for the colder, it really doesn’t get a whole lot of wear. Plus, it is one heavy blazer.  As such, it causes me to sweat which can be particularly annoying at the office when I’m trying to be cool and collected and beads of sweat are dripping down the back of my neck, and unquestionably, my blouse underneath shows some indication that I just completed a 10K race. Furthermore, I always “pop the collar”, which I’m sure doesn’t help any.

Nevertheless, I do pull this jacket out on occasion and it never fails to induce several compliments by complete strangers. You’d think it would encourage me to wear it more often. But no, not really.

Polar Vortex, Round 3

Or is it round 4? I’ve lost track at this point.

The other night, I took the puppy outside to do his business and I legitimately angry that it was still this insanely cold with spring (supposedly) approaching. Of course, my tolerance for cold has gone done quite a bit since living in the south, but still, I’m sure all of my fellow Canadians share the same sentiment.

I can’t purport to say that my winter outfits are super creative right now given how cold it is. And admittedly, I’m somewhat a creature of habit when it comes to clothing. I don’t really *need* a lot of stuff (“want” being a completely different story, of course).  If I love it, I’ll wear it literally every day, if possible. A good example of that is this Aritzia camo button down that has been part of my weekend uniform since I purchased it back in November. The thick cotton twill material is great for layering and it’s puppy-proof to boot.  Pair it with a pair of jeans or leather leggings and a pair of boots (today, my lace-up combat boots)  and I’m good to go.

Aritzia Ontago Shirt (similar here and here) / AE Favorite V-neck Tee (new version here) / Paige Verdugo 10″. (similar here) / MIA Lace-up Combat Boots (Black)(similar here) / Michael Kors Runway MK5076 Watch/  Topshop Rings (similar) /  TNA hat (similar).
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