As my fellow petites can probably relate, it can be incredibly difficult to find a sweater dress that doesn’t completely overwhelm my frame. Sweaterdresses that you see online are usually worn by models who are around 5’10. Meaning, what hits them at mid-thigh, probably hits me at mid-calf. Not a great look. I eventually gave up trying to find a true sweaterdress and started widening my search for a longer length sweater that might work as a dress. Even this turned out to be quite the challenge, but I finally came across a sweater that would allow me to do, what is called, “lampshading”.

Stuart Weitzman Alllegs Suede Boots + Sweaterdress + Olive CoatStuart Weitzman Alllegs Suede Boots + Sweaterdress + Olive Coat Stuart Weitzman Alllegs Suede Boots + Sweaterdress + Olive CoatZara Masculine Coat (Dark Khaki or a great alternative here) / The Group by Babaton Elmira Sweater (Camel) / Stuart Weitzman Alllegs (Black Suede) / Chloe Faye Medium Leather & Suede Bag (Black)

This sweater also looks great with pants. Ha.

I love the color of this particular sweater I found at Aritzia. While a little bit itchy for my wool-sensitive skin, it is not overly irritating over the right layer.

If this sweater is out of your price range, I found some other alternatives that look petite-friendly:

On a side note, I finally decided to make a blog-dedicated Instagram account (@cher_dressedaccordingly). I figured people might be getting tired of all my dog- and food-related posts. I’m really enjoying the new IG account, as I feel more comfortable using pictures that are more “free-style” poses. Of course, you are all still also welcome to follow my personal account (@ch3r_m). Hut if you would like to follow something a bit more style-oriented, my new account is probably a better bet.

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No black

A few weekends ago, I attended the wedding of one of my many cousins. I don’t have many occasions to dress up these days, so going a big glam can be really fun. There was a catch, however. The wedding invitation explicitly requested that no white or black should be worn, as the bride and groom wanted to keep things colorful. I think it was pretty accurate to say that this request made all of the women freak out. Umm, no black?? After the inital shock wore off, if we hadn’t said it out loud, we were all thinking, “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!”

Then I remembered that I actually do own a yellow dress (if you recall, I wore it here). It was the perfect occasion to be able to wear the dress again, and coincidentally, one of the wedding colors was yellow!

I definitely wanted to style it differently from the last time, and I came up with the idea to just bling out. I’ve been obsessed with Dylanlex necklaces over the last while, but I can certainly not afford such beautiful pieces as they hover around the $800 mark. So I searched all ends of the internet and finally came across a seller on Etsy that made bib necklaces very similar to Dylanlex. One of my concerns was that the seller was from Hong Kong, so I wasn’t 100% convinced about the quality, but after reading many of the reviews in her online store, I decided to give it a go. The necklace I purchased came to $61USD including shipping. And thankfully, it arrived in time, which as also a concern of mine. It came about a week and a half after I ordered it.

And this is how the outfit turned out:

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY BLOG // Cape Dress + Statement Necklace

Cape dress + bib necklaceZara cape dress (old) / Boutique9 pumps (old)(see similar) / Le Chateau cuffs and ring / Jazaar Pevita necklace / Bauble Bar earrings + ear jackets (similar) / American Apparel clutch

I’m actually quite happy with the overall look. And if you are wondering about the necklace. I am pretty impressed. It is a really good weight and construction is great. Obviously, I cannot compare to a true Dylanlex necklace as I have never seen one in real life, however, I am very pleased with this dupe and I am happy to recommend it. The seller is Jazaar and you can find her Etsy shop here (not affiliated!).

This Zara dress is sold out, but see some of my favorite cape dresses below:

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Re-Styling with Weddington Way

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised when Weddington Way asked me to re-style one of their dresses from their chiffon bridesmaid collection for a fun summer night out. As you can see on my blog, I am not a huge fan of dresses in general. I have very few in my wardrobe, so to say that re-styling a dress isn’t exactly my forte would be fairly accurate. But, I am always up for a challenge and I felt like this was a good one that I was happy to take on.

Weddington Way sent me a selection of dresses to choose from (although on their website, each dress comes in a multitude of colors). I didn’t want to be swayed by color because most women actually choose color for their bridesmaid dresses, so I thought I would say true to the challenge (of course by default, I would choose the black dress). I ended up choosing this beautiful halter dress (which happens to come in 90 colors. Yes, I said 90!), named After Six:

Weddington Way Re-styled

And some great thought, I came up with this set:

Weddington Way - DAB

I decided to style the dress with pieces that I’m loving right now including the white leather vest. I actually purchased one recently from the Club Monaco sale (which has yet to be seen on this blog), and I’m obsessed with it despite the fact that we are going through a pretty significant heat wave right now. I love this particular vest because of the way it looks zipped up so that you can only see the skirt exposed.

I also went with a nude flat gladiator sandal. It just seems practical and if I’m trying to style a long dress casually, I opt for a flat sandal as a high heel can instantly turn a maxi dress into something super-fancy which is what we’re trying to avoid here! I hope you enjoyed my own edgy spin on how to style this chiffon bridesmaid dress. How would you style this dress?

Shop the pieces I’ve used to style the dress here:

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