Let’s be real. This is not the outfit I’m wearing this week in Toronto right now. We are in a deep freeze and we got hit with a nice little snowstorm (I can’t complain too much–Newfoundland’s got it bad). I’m heavy on the layers with my Ugg snowboots, the heaviest parka I own, and my warmest hat and mittens. It’s neither cool, nor glamorous.

Babaton Wool Coat (Camel) (similar) / Jacob Stripe Turtleneck (Black/White) (similar) / J.Crew Vintage Straight Leg Jeans (similar) / Soludos Ibiza Classic Sneakers (White) / Levi’s Baby Tab Beanie (Red) (similar)

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I didn’t think I would ever give in to wearing joggers, but the more that I saw them online, the more I was willing to try them. They are a great alternative to that weekend denim. And like denim (and well, everything else), not all joggers are created equal.

I like these particular joggers for the light to mid-weight cotton/canvas material, oversized pockets, and wide elasticized cuff while not running overly large in the width. They run a bit large, so they are sagging a bit on me here, but even so, the length works well on a petite such as myself. And actually, would look even better if it sat a bit higher on the ankle on someone taller like the model.

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY BLOG / Joggers + oversized Sweater DRESSED ACCORDINGLY BLOG / Joggers + oversized Sweater DRESSED ACCORDINGLY BLOG / Joggers + oversized SweaterCommunity Stilo Pant / Vince Blair 5 Sneakers / Forever21 Rings / Madewell Bucket Bag / Babaton Nicolas Turtleneck / Lululemon Toque

I have yet to meet a jogger I would be comfortable wearing to work, however, despite their casual nature, they pair well with everything from oversized sweaters to button-downs to simple tees. I already wore the heck out of these during the holidays, and when spring and summer rolls around, I can guarantee they will be one of my go-tos for off-duty wear.

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Winter sneakers

A little slow getting into the swing of things, but I think I’m finally ready to get going! We’ve been fortunate to be having a relatively mild winter this year. Luckily that means that I some days I can wear outfits that are more “fall-like”, and get away with things I’d normally not be able to get away with during this time of year, like say, sneakers without socks! Yes, really!

striped turtleneck + white denim + sneakers striped turtleneck + white denim + sneakers striped turtleneck + white denim + sneakersVince Blair 5 Sneakers / Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Denim / 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Minute Medium Clutch / Banana Republic Gray Long Peacoat / Forever21 Rings / Lululemon Toque / Jacob Striped Turtleneck (similar and on sale!)

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