A tiny bit hipster

I don’t describe my style as hipster; it is many things, but “hipster” isn’t one of first words that comes to mind. I will admit, however, that I can occasionally be inspired by hipster fashion every now and then. What can I say? I’m from Toronto, and if you’ve spent enough time in certain pockets of the downtown area (ahem, Queen St. W, Kensington Market, etc.), you might be one day be inspired to try on some slouchy hats, a pair of oversized nerdy Buddy Holly glasses, and some Converse high tops. Me, minus the Buddy Holly glasses (still looking for the perfect pair):

DSC05680 DSC05677 DSC05658 Urban Outfitters Speazy Oversized Beanie / GAP Canvas Military Jacket / J.Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt / American Eagle Deep-V Favorite T / Zara Suede Shopper / Paige Premium Denim 10″ Blue Heights (similar here) /  Ash Virgin Sneakers (Black, size 6). 

Do you notice that your personal style is inspired by certain places that you’ve lived or visited?

BTW, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes on Twitter. I appreciate every single on of them! xx


I’m not sure how I got this idea of a red slouchy beanie in my head, but once it was there, I couldn’t get rid of it. This is exactly the same hat as you see in my profile photo to the right, only in red. It just seemed like a fun accessory when wearing an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

DSC05565 DSC05562 DSC05597Speazy Oversized Beanie / Veda Max Jacket /  American Eagle Favorite V-neck Tee / Rich & Skinny Wax-Coated Skinny Jeggings / Zara Suede Shopper /LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amelie Pumps / Le Chateau Ring

At least you’ll have no trouble being able to spot me in a crowded room. =)

I searched high and low for this beanie and couldn’t find it anywhere except Urban Outfitters. And now that I have it in my possession, I found a cashmere version from Ann Taylor here and a ribbed version from GAP here. Go figure.

Break out

 DSC05033 DSC05028
Ann Taylor Sheer Leopard Trench Blouse (similar here or love this version) /  Veda Max Jacket  / 
Theory Alleen Trousers (Emery trousers similar) / LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amelie Pumps / Le Chateau Ring

Imagine my excitement when the weather was actually a bit cool last Wednesday. You know what that means? Time to break out the leather!…Even if it was just for the one day. It’s my first time wearing this jacket outside the apartment so you can envision my paranoia when rubbing up against things. The leather is still a bit “stiff” and snug from being unworn, but I still enjoyed wearing it nonetheless.