Truth be told, I don’t really have any EOTDs to share right now. ATM, my life consists of waking up and going to the gym with an occasional run to Target. Hardly blog-worthy. Let’s not forget to mention that this Canadian doesn’t even want to leave the well air-conditioned apartment. I used to think all this heat and humidity was funny, now it’s just getting old and killing my fashion sense. What do I wear on those Target runs while the temps have been hitting 100F (39C)+ with the addition of some ridiculous humidity? It goes something like this:

DSC03766 DSC03750 DSC03746
Goorin Brothers Hammond Fedora /Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Dinah Sandals / Jacob Sleeveless Bow Blouse (without the bow) /H&M Leather belt /Michael Kors Runway Watch / H&M Men’s Leather Cuff / Forever21 Necklace /  Abercrombie & Fitch Denim Shorts 


The variations include a t-shirt and a tank and a pair of Converse on my feet. After living in DC for over three years, I still have no idea how to deal with hot and balmy weather. I used to keep myself looking somewhat fashionable and put together with scarves and blazers when I lived in the more northern areas that don’t get as much heat and the humidity isn’t as high or frequent. But now? Those items never work–I learned the hard way.  My beloved tanks and cut off jean shorts are all I care for if I don’t need to be anywhere.

What do you reach for when it’s hot out and you have nowhere important to be?

Take me to the Street Market

Because that’s what I feel like doing when I wear this fedora. It’s the closest I’ve come to finding the perfect fedora that I’ve been searching for forever. I managed to find it for $15 on Goorin.com. It’s a little bit too tall, but it actually fits my small head, so I’m not going to complain too much about it:

DSC06834_2 DSC06833_2 DSC06822_2
 Hat: Goorin Bros. Hammond Fedora / J. Crew Cardigan / Banana Republic Cami / ASOS Patent Leather Skinny Belt / H&M Flower Pin / GAP Broken-in Skimmers / Miz Mooz Kaylee Cork Wedge Sandals / Michael Kors Runway Watch / American Apparel Medium Carry-All 

 I know my blog hasn’t been extremely exciting the last little while. I’ve been struggling with a lot of personal things as of late. I’ve been making a lot of big decisions only to have them crushed by things that are not within my control (I really just have the worst luck). So deeply frustrating and I can’t help but feel dejected most days. If it all doesn’t get even just a little bit better soon, me and the “man upstairs” are going to have to have a little chat.