My first color block!…I could almost say that this is also my first Zara purchase, but it’s not. A few years ago, I purchased a pair of linen pants that I proceeded to return the same day. LOL. I think this may be my first *successful* Zara purchase, though. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I love the style of Zara, but the fit and the quality generally don’t agree with me…or I don’t agree with *it*. I do like to look though, and a few days ago I dropped in for a quick peek before my CLE class and saw some gorgeous pencil skirts. I’m a sucker for royal blue. It is my favorite color EVER. Even my Clarisonic brush is royal blue. No joke.

So when I saw a royal blue pencil skirt laying on the table, I made a bee-line for it.  I took it into the fitting room, and there began the debate/confusion. On the table it looked royal blue. In the fitting room, it looked like an old man’s trouser blue. Do you know what shade I’m talking about? Blue, but not a deep navy, but kind of gross looking. Then I was on the fence. It looked great. The fit was great. Quality seemed pretty darn good, for once. Cute exposed zipper in the back. But what color *was* this? I was also debating the purchase because I already have a blue skirt, and girl doesn’t really need multiple blue skirts, does she? I then took it back to the table and compared it to the the other skirt they had in burgundy (it also comes in black). I didn’t really like it. It was much more brown than I would have liked. If it had more of a red tone to it, I would have taken that one, no question. But then given the lighting in that store, I really couldn’t be sure what color it was.

Anyway, after staring at it for a while, I just went ahead and purchased the blue one. And I think I made the right choice. What do you ladies think? Is it royal blue or old man’s blue?

DSC08031_2 DSC08037_2 DSC08033_2
Rachel Roy Ruffle Halter Top / Zara Sheath skirt / Boutique9 Thomsina / Express Bracelet

From these photos, I’m starting to believe this skirt is actually PURPLE!

If you’re wondering, how much the skirt costs, it’s $49.90US. The sales associate also reminded me that Zara will go online on September 7th. Rumor has it though, that they will not ship to you, but rather to the store for pick-up. Kind of strange and a complete disappointment if you don’t live near a Zara, but kind of cool if you actually do live near a B&M store and you can only find what you want online.

Petite Fashion Challenge #9: “Heat Wave Appropriate”

I decided to take part in PFC#9! I figured, this challenge can’t be too difficult, I do this just about every single day in the summer (when I’m working)! But as it turns out, it was really difficult. It’s was a huge challenge for me to put something together PFC-worthy because when it gets as humid as it does in D.C. during the summer, I really just don’t care about being creative. LOL.


The Challenge: 

Create an outfit that accounts for the various environmental factors that plague us in the summer. I want to know how you dress when it’s 90 degrees outside and 65 degrees inside. Do you utilize peel-able layers? Are you particular about choosing fabric that is light but resistant? Or do you just tack on a blazer over summer clothes?

Here in D.C., it’s more like 100F (37C) outside and 65F (18C) inside, so it’s pretty darn hard to get fancy. And to be honest, I don’t. I also tend to get a little more casual the hotter it gets.  Not really on purpose, but I prefer not have to go through the laundering process (dry cleaning!) of all my nice blouses if I can avoid it. So I usually pick light, machine-washable fabrics because they are much easier (and cheaper) to clean. The best I do is try to add color and mix prints (which I’m not that good at), otherwise it’s usually a skirt and a short-sleeved or sleeveless top because I sweat like a fat kid. Long sleeves is just not a good idea unless I want massive sweat marks circling my underarms right down to the bottom of my shirt. Oh yes, it’s happened. Over top, it’s usually a cardi or a scarf depending on how cold it’s going to be in the office, sometimes even both. =P I actually would prefer to wear a blazer, but it’s not something I like to carry around on my commute to work and I don’t have a permanent office space to store it.

To start:


Add a colorful layer:

DRESSED ACCORDINGLY Banana Republic Lightweight Wool Pencil Skirt / GAP Striped Tank / LOFT Linen-blend Cardi / Forever21 Pendant /Michael Kors Runway Watch /LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Zabrina Pump 


Or a scarf:

Scarf: Tolani 

Or, bright colored cardi and a scarf!


Thanks for hosting, Elle! I can’t wait to see all the other PFC posts!


DSC07589_2 LOFT Jewel-bib Tee / Theory Larryn Skirt / Ann Taylor Patent Skinny Belt / LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Zabrina Pumps 

Do you know what’s great about this little tee? That it accessorizes itself!

You may not notice at first glance, but there are actually few things happening in this outfit:

(1) As mentioned, self-accessorized.  Too lazy to think of jewelry? No problem!


(2) The fact that this skirt sits right at the waist elongates the legs; and

(3) the high heeled pumps don’t hurt either. Leave out the strappy mary-janes and you give yourself a longer leg line.


High-waisted skirt + non-strappy pumps = long legs!


(4) While the skirt and the shoes elongate the legs, the little belt actually draws attention away from the fact that my torso is very short (and it would be really emphasized if I removed the belt); and last, but not least,

(5) This skirt flares out at the waist camouflaging my very narrow hips.


This simple outfit is actually doing a lot of work for which I’m thankful, because it disguises my true laziness.

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