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ALDO Chism / Rich & Skinny Wax-Coated Skinny Jeggings (similar here) / Ann Taylor Pleated V-neck Top / Le Chateau  Ring /  Zara Suede Tote (Black) / Veda Max Jacket 


I just couldn’t get these wedge sneakers out of my head. I had even purchased the Ash Bowie sneaker in Cobalt suede last year, but returned them due to being unconvinced about the versatility of the color and sizing issues (they run small, so size up if you plan on purchasing them!). At that point, I tried to convince myself that I could do without them, but seeing as how they are still trending this upcoming spring and summer season, I decided that as much as I love the Ash version, I still wanted them but didn’t need to buy an expensive version of the trendy piece. So I searched high and low for something less expensive that wasn’t too cheap-looking and didn’t hurt my hyper-sensitive feet.

What I came up with were these Aldo Chism sneakers. At first, I thought they may be a bit too chunky/moon shoe-like, but I did love the look of these on. They are more similar to the Ash Cool Sneaker than the Bowie. So with my 14% off Valentine’s day discount code, I went ahead and bought them and I’m extremely excited! My bank account is also very relieved that I didn’t splurge on such a trendy item.

I purchased these in 6.5 to accomodate socks (I usually wear a 6 in pumps), and they’re pretty darn comfortable (unlike the Steve Madden version). The wedge feels about 2.5 inches and it also has a bit of a platform, probably making the total wedge height 3 inches tall. They also come in white, red and camel for a regular price of $80. If you sign up for Aldo’s newsletter (or have someone else sign up using their email address) you will be sent a 10% off coupon to use online or in-store. Occasionally Aldo will have coupons to use online or in-store between 10 and 15%.

LOVE. Even my mom and my aunts were admiring them. Anyone had a change of heart about this wedge sneaker trend over the last year or so, or do you still love/hate them?

A tiny bit hipster

I don’t describe my style as hipster; it is many things, but “hipster” isn’t one of first words that comes to mind. I will admit, however, that I can occasionally be inspired by hipster fashion every now and then. What can I say? I’m from Toronto, and if you’ve spent enough time in certain pockets of the downtown area (ahem, Queen St. W, Kensington Market, etc.), you might be one day be inspired to try on some slouchy hats, a pair of oversized nerdy Buddy Holly glasses, and some Converse high tops. Me, minus the Buddy Holly glasses (still looking for the perfect pair):

DSC05680 DSC05677 DSC05658 Urban Outfitters Speazy Oversized Beanie / GAP Canvas Military Jacket / J.Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt / American Eagle Deep-V Favorite T / Zara Suede Shopper / Paige Premium Denim 10″ Blue Heights (similar here) /  Ash Virgin Sneakers (Black, size 6). 

Do you notice that your personal style is inspired by certain places that you’ve lived or visited?

BTW, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes on Twitter. I appreciate every single on of them! xx

Bad a$$

I’m going through a major rocker chic phase in my casual wear right now (which will all end abruptly when the D.C. humidity begins to rear it’s ugly head). It’s a direct result of two items I purchased over the winter holidays: My Rich & Skinny Wax-Coated Jeggings and my Ash Virgin Leather Sneakers. These two items have taken over my wardrobe and everything is styled around them. There’s been a lot outfits like this:

DSC02562_2 DSC02569_2 DSC02536_2Denim: Rich & Skinny Wax Coated Legacy Jeggings /  Ash Virgin Sneakers Michael Kors Runway Watch / Le Chateau Ring / AE Favorite T (similar here) / J.Crew Keeper Chambray / Talula by Aritizia Exeter Blazer / Rayban Aviators

My observant readers might notice that I lost a button on my blazer half way through my photo shoot. =/

I get a lot of stares when wear these two items together. Actually, the shoes themselves generate a lot of attention (a completely unexpected reaction when I purchased them). But worn with these jeggings, I get a lot of “looks”. I’m not sure if it’s “WTH IS SHE WEARING?!” or “Damn, that’s cool.” I’d like to believe that it’s the latter, but I don’t really know, nor do I really care. I just feel totally bad a$$.

Have you ever purchased an item that was a total “game-changer”–an item that completely affected your style (for good or bad) or found yourself constantly planning all your outfits around it? I’d love to hear about it!

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