Spring In January

The weather this winter thus far has been unreal. A few weekends ago my condo community held a New Year’s Brunch and I actually ate my meal outdoors on the rooftop. In a cardigan. In January. Wow. The following is not the outfit I wore that day, but just an explanation as to why I would be wearing such lightweight sweater and a trench coat at the end of January and not something heavier:

DSC01467_2 DSC01487_21 DSC01472_2 DSC01480_2
Club Monaco Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater / Le Chateau Trench / Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings / Olivia Harris Bag / Ann Taylor Signature Pumps / Ann Taylor Leopard Haircalf Skinny Belt / J.Crew 5-Strand Pearl Necklace.
Apparently, I thought it was cool that my hand was in my pocket because all the photos are like that! Haha.

A few weeks ago I had a reader request for more outfits with jeans. And to be honest, I’m at a bit of a loss. I own a *lot* of denim. Almost embarrassingly so, but you don’t see a whole lot of it on this blog. If you’ve followed me for a long while, you know that I am truly a tomboy and I am perfectly content wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers most days (to the point where Stacey and Clinton might be mortified). I also like to take walks during my days off and I don’t drive anywhere in D.C., so where a lot of girls may opt for heels in their off time, I would most definitely *not* unless the specific occasion calls for it. So when I go casual, I don’t think of it as anything spectacular and I promise you, it really isn’t. But that is why you may not see a whole lot of different denim in my posts. The only time there is a somewhat significant divergence from my typical t-shirt and jeans for casual wear is a change in season–as the weather gets cooler, my outfits get edgier, but not necessarily more interesting (if I had more disposable income then it probably would be). But, having said that, there are some off days (maybe few and far between) where I do put in a little bit more thought into what I wear, so I will put more of an effort to blog about them. If there is anything else you’d like to see more of on this blog, please LMK. I’d love to hear some ideas!

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